Client: Victoria Watson

Date: 20012-2014

Tech used in this project:                  

Logo, print designs, and website design for a small theatre company in Los Angeles. Fierce Backbone is a group of writers and actors who workshop pieces with each other to get ready for public performance. They also produce finished pieces by their members. Print pieces have ranged from outdoor banners and posters to advertising pieces for a full festival during Fringe LA. Business cards, postcards, multi-page booklets, etc.

Laura gives the kind of personal attention and time to each project that you usually just dream of with other designers. She works diligently to combine my vision with the practicalities of whatever medium we're working in at the time, whether it be print design, website development, or online marketing pieces. She ensures that the elements for each production create a cohesive whole in order to establish consistent branding for each show we do.   ~ Victoria Watson

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