To me, something is only pixel perfect if it serves a purpose and solves a problem.

ThePixelPixie design boutique is headed by multi-disciplined creative expert, Laura Sage. Laura produces original and thoughtful pieces of design, combined with expert coding, for businesses everywhere...

Nice to meet you! I’m Laura Sage, and I am ThePixelPixie

I’ve been designing websites, logos, and print materials, since the mid-1990s, and spent nearly 20 years as a top-level administrative assistant mainly in the high-tech manufacturing and aerospace industries. So I bring a good number of years of experience to the table in order to support your business needs.

When you hire ThePixelPixie, you’re hiring someone who specializes in working with the small business owner, and someone who has worked extensively in the non-profit performing arts sector, as well as with Fortune500 companies such as Disney, AT&T, DishNetwork, and American Express.

Whether you need a new website designed or maintained, an old website that needs to be updated, have fliers or programs to be designed and printed, CD packaging that needs just that special touch, or forms that need to be created, ThePixelPixie knows what needs to be done and how to do it right!

Let’s Get Personal

(since I believe in getting to know my clients and I hope they get to know me as well)

  • By day I work as a graphic designer for a large mall property development company. I love my job.
  • I’m a professional violinist and classical singer.
  • For 12 years I ran the Lyric Opera of Los Angeles which specialized in producing lesser-known operatic works. I recently founded Scenic City Opera in Chattanooga, TN with the same general mission;
  • I have ridden my bicycle in AIDS LifeCycle several times. ALC is a 545-mile charity bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.
  • I moved back to TN in 2014, having lived here as a child back in the ’70s. I then lived in Los Angeles for about 35 years, which was about 34.5 too many.
  • I completed my first triathlon ever in May, 2016 – the Half Ironman (yeah, I don’t do things by half measure. No working up through shorter distances for me. I just jump right in all the way! LOL).
  • My daughter lives here in Chattanooga with me. She’s a music composition and percussion performance major in a local university.
  • Our home is filled with furry love: 4 dogs (Ophelia Willow, Lebowski, Shelley, and Bowie), and 7 cats (Purrceus Q. Cat, Clawed Debussy, FurAlise, and the Pasta Cats – Tortellini, Linguini, Macaroni, and Rigatoni). It’s a lot, I know. But we love them all very much, and they bring us a huge amount of joy.

So I manage to keep myself pretty busy.

I have worked as a Disney Store designer doing tech outlines and drawings for costumes. I have also worked for high tech engineering firms such as 3D Systems, in the environmental engineering field (A.E. Schmidt Environmental and Gateway Science & Engineering), and in the aerospace industry (LORAL Electro-Optical Systems). Additionally I’ve done client work for such firms as American Express, Group Health, AT&T, and 211la.org. My techy background began very early on in the earliest days of the PC, having started out on an Apple IIe. While my website here shows some of the work I’ve done, many of those bigger and more involved projects were on teams, and the sites were built under an NDA {sigh}. But these days, my full-time day job is as Graphic Designer and Frontend Website Developer for CBL Properties here in Chattanooga. I fit my freelance work in around that full-time job – which means I never sleep.

Music has been a big part of my life since I was born. My dad is a concert pianist, conductor, and newly-retired professor of piano and music history. My mother had a Masters in Vocal Performance, my aunts have held long-standing positions with both the Miami Opera Chorus and the Maggio Musicale in Florence, Italy. And my brother is one of the most sought-after violists in the Los Angeles area. For my part, I began studying violin at the age of 4 and have been a professional violinist for almost as long as I can remember. In college I switched my main musical focus to voice and opera, but being back in the Chattanooga area means that I have more gigs as a violinist as both an independent contractor, and as a sub in the Chattanooga Symphony. I play for a lot of musical theatre productions these days. My daughter is a really awesome percussionist, having played in the All City Honors Band for The Pasadena Rose Parade 3 times, and going on to study music in college. I’m a very proud mom.

The creative side of things comes very naturally to me. I enjoy the process, and I enjoy seeing the finished product “out in the world”.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing how we can work together.

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