ThePixelPixie offers full-service web-development & design services, as well as corporate branding, and print marketing services. You benefit from both the artistic and technical experience gained through years of experience with high-tech manufacturing and aerospace corporations, and a lifetime in the arts. Every website is carefully planned and customized specifically to your needs, and every branding package is designed with your specific audience in mind.

Custom WordPress Themes and Plugins

Tailored digital canvases for businesses that desire uniqueness.

Graphic Design

From logos to full-scale posters, your brand vision brought to life.

E-commerce Solutions

Seamless online ticketing and shopping experiences crafted specifically for arts organizations and artists.

Our Products

Step into a world where fashion meets fine art. thePixelPixie’s print-on-demand collection offers an exclusive range of home goods and apparel designed with the creative soul in mind. Each piece is a wearable canvas, blending artful design with everyday function.

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Elevate Your Digital Identity

Are you looking to transcend the ordinary? thePixelPixie specializes in premium digital solutions that reflect the caliber of your business. Partner with us to craft a web presence that’s as ambitious and refined as your vision.

Discover Your Digital Potential

Join the ranks of satisfied clients who’ve found their perfect digital blend of artistry and functionality at thePixelPixie. With a focus on sustainable growth and impeccable design, we’re here to ensure your online success becomes a lasting legacy.

At thePixelPixie, we transcend the commonplace digital agency mold to deliver truly personalized web services. Our ethos is a rare blend of high-tech proficiency and high art sensibility. As a seasoned professional violinist and opera singer who has orchestrated the success of opera companies in Los Angeles and Chattanooga, I infuse each project with a performer’s passion and an impresario’s insight. My dedicated design expertise ensures that the cadence of the arts is at the heart of our creations—every website is a stage meticulously set with unparalleled creative fervor. Choose thePixelPixie, not just for a competitive digital agency experience, but for a partner who speaks your language, both in the wings and on the digital canvas.

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