At thePixelPixie, I’m not just another web developer. I cater to the creative souls — the opera singers, the choral groups, the artists who think in color and dream in symphonies. With years spent navigating the high-tech world, and a lifetime in the arts, I blend the practical with the whimsical.

Custom WordPress Themes and Plugins

Because your business deserves a digital space as unique as your voice.

Graphic Design

From logos that sing to posters that shout, I bring your vision to life.

E-commerce Solutions

Effortless online ticketing and shopping experiences for those who perform both on stage and in life.

Our Products

Imagine if Van Gogh had a website. Now stop imagining and check out my print-on-demand collection. Home goods and apparel designed for the creative soul. Each piece is a wearable canvas, perfect for those days when you want to tell the world, “Yes, I’m an artist. No, I won’t draw you.”

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Customer Testimonials

And here’s a carousel showcasing feedback from some of my clients who, frankly, have better things to do than write testimonials. Yet here they are, singing my praises! And I’m very honored that they’ve taken the time to do so.


Transform Your Digital Identity

You’re extraordinary. Your web presence should be, too. At thePixelPixie, I specialize in top-notch digital solutions that mirror the brilliance of your work. Partner with me to create a web presence as dynamic and refined as your vision.

Join my clients who’ve discovered their perfect blend of artistry and functionality with thePixelPixie. I focus on sustainable growth and impeccable design, making sure your online presence is as memorable as your last performance.

At thePixelPixie, I’m not just another digital developer. I’m a mix of high-tech nerd and artsy-fartsy who’s decided that the world needs a little more creativity and color. As a professional violinist and opera singer, and opera impresaria, I bring a performer’s passion and a producer’s insight to each project. My creations are infused with the rhythm of the arts, ensuring every website is a stage set with unparalleled creativity. Choose thePixelPixie for a partner who understands your world, both on stage and online.

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